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VK Art is an online Indian art gallery for sale of original paintings made by emerging artists as well as renowned artists from India. All the paintings for sale on the VK Art Gallery website are original prepared by Indian artists (Painters & Sculptors). If you are looking to buy artworks (paintings, Drawings and Sculptures) for your home, office or any other place, our online Indian art gallery provides you a platform to buy original art works. We represent Painters and Sculptors from different parts of India. We sell Paintings and Sculptures to all parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. You will find easy way of finding a painting from various search options in the site. Search for painting can be by Theme, styles, Medium, Size. There are artworks for sale on the website from a variety of themes/tastes like Architecture, Buildings, Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape, Rural, Nude, Portrait, Flowers, Plants, Still Life, Abstract, Animals, Birds, Fish, Buddha, Ganesha, Jesus, Krishna, Radha Krishna, Shiva, Taj Mahal, Elephants.
New Original Oil Paintings for Sale
Chatrapati shivaji maharaj
Price : 20000 INR
32x26in, Oil Paintings
Surface : Canvas roll
Gautam Buddha
Price : 12000 INR
24x16in, Oil Paintings
Surface : Canvas
Gautam Buddhas face 3
Price : 9000 INR
20x20in, Oil Paintings
Surface : Canvas
Buddhas face 2
Price : 17000 INR
30x30in, Oil Paintings
Surface : Canvas
New Original Watercolor Paintings for Sale
Price : 0 INR
15x24in, Watercolor Paintings
Surface : Paper
The Blue waves
Price : 0 INR
15x24in, Watercolor Paintings
Surface : Paper
Price : 0 INR
15x22in, Watercolor Paintings
Surface : Paper
boy studying
Price : 500 INR
24x15in, Watercolor Paintings
Surface : paper
New Original Acrylic Paintings for Sale
Price : 15000 INR
12x24in, Acrylic Paintings
Surface : acrylic on canvas
birthday celebration
Price : 60000 INR
36x48in, Acrylic Paintings
Surface : acrylic on canvas
budha the angel
Price : 35000 INR
36x36in, Acrylic Paintings
Surface : acrylic o canvas
king of elephant
Price : 80000 INR
48x60in, Acrylic Paintings
Surface : acrylic on canvas
New Original Mixed Media Paintings for Sale
Gautam Buddhas face !
Price : 18000 INR
36x36in, Mixed Media Paintings
Surface : Canvas
Price : 25000 INR
23x15in, Mixed Media Paintings
Surface : Paper
Love of Purity
Price : 40000 INR
28x22in, Mixed Media Paintings
Surface : Paper
Price : 25000 INR
23x15in, Mixed Media Paintings
Surface : Paper
Paintings by Medium for sale
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  Pastel Paintings
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  Surrealist Paintings
  Decorative Paintings
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  Abstract Art
  Religious Paintings
 Paintings by price for sale
  Rs. 20,000 and less
  Rs 20,000 - 40,000
  Rs 40,000 - 60,000
  Rs 60,000 - 80,000
  Rs 80,000 - 1,00,000
  Rs 1,00,000 and more
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